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EYS Largest Book Store in Kenya for Students & Schools
EYS Largest Book Store Kenya for Students & Schools

Educate Your Self Limited, established in 2010, stands as one of Kenya’s largest and most trusted online bookstores. Our expansive collection caters to a diverse audience, offering a wide range of books for students, book enthusiasts, and those seeking to expand their knowledge base.

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EYS.CO.KE is your go-to destination for a rich selection of books, spanning academic textbooks, thrilling novels, and insightful non-fiction. We are committed to empowering learners and providing the resources necessary for a comprehensive educational experience.

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Extensive Book Selection:
Explore our extensive catalog, covering a variety of subjects and genres. From academic textbooks to popular fiction and non-fiction titles, we curate a collection to satisfy diverse interests.

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Navigate our user-friendly website effortlessly and discover the books you need with just a few clicks. Our online shopping experience is designed for your convenience.

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At EYS.CO.KE, we believe in making knowledge accessible to all. Benefit from our competitive prices, ensuring that quality reading materials are affordable for everyone.

Fast and Reliable Delivery:
Enjoy prompt and reliable delivery services across Kenya. Recognizing the importance of timely access to educational resources, we strive to deliver your orders promptly.

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Embark on your reading journey with EYS.CO.KE, where knowledge meets convenience. Established in 2010, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of learning and exploration. Happy reading!


Educate yourself limited was founded in August 2010 ,The bookstore has been started to provide Educational books Resources and solutions to all institutions in East Africa.
Despite the short period, our impact has been a success.

Our aim is to grow with our customers to be their choice supplier of educational resources and materials in East and Central Africa.
We derive our greatest strength from our clientele, who include individuals, students, learning institutions, government institutions, NGO’s and corporate institutions from this region.
We have partnered with major publishers and suppliers, both local and international. We are the regional merchants for some of the internationally acclaimed suppliers such as Mc-Graw Hill Education, Pearson Education, Hodder Education, Oxford University Press, Cengage Learning, Collins Education, and Harper Collins just to name a few.

What we do could best be summarized as follows:

  • A place where our extra ordinary staff excel their talents.
  • An organization with an emphasis on personalized customer service.
  • Everyone’s preferred supplier, from individuals to educational institutions and the corporate world.
  • An avenue of information and greater access to books and educational material.
  • Our supplier’s preferred business partner.
Ever looked for a book or material and were told that it is not available in the Kenyan market? Well, look no further. As long as the book is in print with the publisher, we will get it for you. Our network of international affiliates helps break down the barriers.
Be it a single copy for the individual or greater quantities for institutions, we provide solutions.
We shall strive to be the choice supplier in the classrooms and beyond. Learning demands great sacrifice and as you dedicate yourself…Remember…Educate Yourself!!!

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