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Truly Scrumptious Baby : My Complete Feeding and Weaning Plan for 6 Months and Beyond

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  • Classifications: TV celebrity chef cookbooks,
  • Readership:General (US: Trade)
  • Format: Hardback 288 pages, 100 col illus

ISBN : 9780008172565

Published : 7 Sep 2017

Author : Holly Willoughby

Main Material : Hardback

Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers

Size : 233 x 197 x 29 (mm)

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**AWARDED A MUMSNET RATED BADGE 2017** `Exceeded my expectations! In-depth introduction to weaning, including useful nutritional information, plus lots of lovely recipes appropriate to each stage of weaning – and the ones for toddlers are fantastic for the whole family to share, too!’Mumsnet Reviewer Weaning my little ones was a joyous, messy and occasionally testing experience! This book aims to help you through the next development phase: introducing your baby to the colourful, flavourful, wonderful world of food. The thought of weaning can be daunting to the most self-assured mums and dads. I know I felt that way, even with my third! But while every baby is different, one thing is the same for all parents: the importance of serving them delicious, nutritious dishes with minimal fuss and maximum benefits.

There is no one-size-fits all approach and there are decisions to be made: spoon-feeding purees or baby-led weaning? What equipment don’t you need and where should you spend extra? With so much contradictory advice out there, I wanted to provide a go-to guide that arms you with everything you need to know as your baby starts on solids. You’ll read about the basics of good nutrition; techniques; equipment; ages and stages (what they can have, and when). I’ll also share my go-to recipes for the key stages in the first 15 months, developed over the process of weaning my three children.

These are simple, easy-to-follow meals and plans that require minimal prep time, make the most of your ingredients and won’t break the bank. I’ve also provided recipes for the months and years that follow, including sections on feeding the entire family (the ultimate goal!) and the perfect things to serve at party time. There will be testing moments but there will be joyous ones too – I’ll never forget the look on my children’s faces when they first tasted baby rice! So take a deep breath, trust your intuition and dive in! Love, Holly xxx

  • Classifications: TV celebrity chef cookbooks,
  • Readership:General (US: Trade)
  • Format: Hardback 288 pages, 100 col illus